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Domain Gerard Brisson (#2344)

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Gerard Brisson
Region:Burguny City:69910, Ville Morgon
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The wine-making is carried out by GERARD BRISSON, Michel Brisson's son,
great-grand son of Joseph Pepin and member of the "Union Internationale des Oenologues".

For more than 30 years, he has been rigourously looking after the quality of cultivation, vinification and bottling of the wines in our 18th century cellar.

With modern machinery, but always faithfull to the traditions of his ancestors, Gerard Brisson, vinifies the production of the domaine himself. Due to long fermentation time and ageing in oak barrels, the wines have superb quality and longevity.

Joseph Pépin arrived in Algeria. He bought some marsh land which he began to drain. His aim was to set up a large agricultural domain. The family settled here, but always kept family ties in Beaujolais, the family house in Belleville and the Château de Pizay.

En 1949
After the untimely death of his father, Michel Brisson took on the management of the farm with his brother, Henri. The estate was located in Ain-Nechma and Ain-Mokra, 37 miles from Bône (now Annaba).
They grew cotton, tabacco, oranges and above all, vines. They also bred horses, sheep and cattle.
In that time, Algeria was in the forefront of the latest technology and the farming methods were 15 years ahead of Mainland France. Tractors were already being used while in Beaujolais it was horse and plough were used.

After the civil war and the tragic death of Henri, murdered in the fields, Michel Brisson, settled in Mainland France and managed a new domain which had belonged to the Lord of Fonterenne de Villié in XVIIème century.

Gérard Brisson, after his studies on oenology in Dijon, joined his father on the Domain.

1980's years
After the death of Michel Brisson, Gerard carries on the work and development of the domain, establishing a thoughtfull and environmentally sound style of management.

1990 to the present day
As an oenologist, Gérard Brisson brings expert attention to the wine making, without forgetting the wisdom of his ancestors . The wines of the domain are well known in France and abroad, regularly winning prizes and often mentioned in wine publications.

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