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Standish Wines (#2312)

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Standish Wines .
Region:Mendocino City:Philo
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The Day Ranch, named for the first family to own the property, started out in the late 1800’s as an apple farm along with raising sheep. When the Oswald family purchased the property in 1974, they continued farming apples, as well as planting grapes and pears on the property.

After two decades of non-use, the family decided to refurbish the apple dryer in the 1980’s and it became home to Anderson Valley Varietals and the Apple Dryer Café. They opened a small produce stand along with making grape juice from the Pinot Noir and Gewurztraminer blended with the apples and pears that were on the ranch.

In 2004, after nearly three decades of quality grape harvest, owners/farmers/brothers Kenneth and Miles Oswald decided to embark on a wine-making adventure; homage to 10 generations of their mother’s direct prolific Standish family heritage.

The crush was a huge success and the resulting wines stood as excellent examples of the rich fruit and natural acidity that is offered by the unique terroir of the vineyards located in the cooler end of Anderson Valley, west of Philo.

With the help of best friend John Thomas, we have also produced a Merlot from the renowned Sibbett Vineyard located on the west fork of the Russian River and Forsyth Creek in Redwood Valley and a Chardonnay from the Watson Vineyards on the Russian River in Ukiah, both located in Mendocino County.

When we began five years ago we set out with the goal of producing high quality Burgundian style Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in small lots. We are proud to say we have maintained the integrity of our original vision and look forward to sharing future wines with the public.

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Reviewer:July 12, 2011 - Standish Wines

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