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Tonellerie Boutes - unique barrels (#2109)

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Peirre et Eric Barthe Tonnellerie Boutes
Region:Bordeaux City:Bordeaux
Price:N/A (EUR) Minimum:N/A
Organic:No Certified:Yes
Free Range:No Additives:No

Domestic:N/A International:N/A
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Tonellerie Boutes, became the first French cooperage to be ISO 14001:2004 certified in 2010. The 18 month process proved the commitment to the process of achieving this certification to protect the environment, prevent pollution, and to improve our overall environmental performance. This process required Boutes to mobilize together not only financially and technically, but also as a team; they have a profound belief in these values, which they wish to defend, and wishes everyone to associate with. Their goal is to establish a special partnership with each customer to help build a cleaner, better wine industry.

Every successive generation of Boutes and Barthe sons at the head of the cooperage since 1880 have probably asked their father this question. For a long time they received the same answer, because the aim of our ancestors was to build strong, watertight containers capable of holding wines and spirits or transporting all sorts of goods. Our father Henri inherited this ancestral know-how, which is still the basis for our business today.
However, in the late 1960s, he had to adapt to a new era: that of the ageing and maturing of wines and spirits in new barrels. From that moment on, barrels were no longer seen as mere containers but were considered as a decisive factor in quality. The question was how to give the wine its fine tannins and lovely aromas during the maturing phase.
My brother and I have added our stone to the family edifice and imagined, “designed” and refined the outlines of the Boutes style of today.

Wine is our passion and our priority. Our ambition is to offer high-quality barrels. Respect for the winegrower’s work, richness in tannins, aromatic complexity, gentleness and length on the palate… For us, these features of taste and aroma are elements requiring thought and hard work which motivate all our choices in terms of wood selection, methods for ageing our merrains, and the quality of our toasting operations.

Boutes barrels are unique barrels with a distinct character. Their style is recognisable to the extent that our clients can do their work in the knowledge of exactly what the barrels will bring to their wine. We don’t see barrels as an end in themselves but as a way of improving the identity and personality of each wine.

Lastly, it is a great pleasure for us to work with you all in that magical environment that is the wine business.
The nobility of oak combined with that of wine brings coopers and winegrowers from the whole world together in a joint quest: to make a high-quality product in full confidence.

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