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Vacaza Deluxe

Chardonnay Sauvagny 2002 (#1995)

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Chateau de Chavanes .
Region:Franche-Comté City:Montigny-les-Arsures
Price:N/A (EUR) Minimum:N/A
Organic:No Certified:No
Free Range:No Additives:No

Domestic:N/A International:N/A
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Concerned about respecting and preserving the intrinsic qualities of our soils, our estate cultivates its 4.65 hectares of vines without the addition of any chemical products.
Preparations based on plant, animal and mineral substances are sprayed at precise times of the year (influenced by lunar cycles), contributing to the well-being of the vines, protecting them against sporophyte diseases and insect attack. The treatments encourage more natural growth and grape maturity.

Ploughing kills weeds mechanically without altering the microbial life of our soils, consequently enabling us to maintain a good biological balance between the vines and the soil in which they grow.
In addition we prune hard to limit our yields and then, 2 months before harvesting the red grape varieties, we pick green grapes leaving only the best grapes on the vine in order to obtain the best concentration of sugars and aromas in the grapes bunch and to avoid decay.

Maître de chai / Jérôme Arnoux
Appellation / AOC Arbois
Globale : 4,55 hectares
Trousseau : 0,65 ares
Ploussard : 90 ares
Savagnin : 80 ares
Chardonnay : 1,20 hectares
Pinot : 1,50 hectares

• Panting density
6250 pieds par hectare
• Panting density
Courte en baguette
• Treatments
Cuivre, soufre et différentes tisanes (orties, osiers et prêles)
• Yield
35 hectolitres par hectare
• Harvest
A la main
•Vinification philosophy
Vinification indépendante pour chaque parcelle
•Vat type
Inox à double paroi
En fûts de chêne
•Bottle type

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