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Chateau Hostens-Picant rouge 2005 (#1948)

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Chateau Hostens-Picant .
Region:Bordeaux City:Les Leves et Thoumeyragues
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Our 42 hectares vineyard is situated 24 Kilometers east of Saint-Emilion. We acquired it late 1986. Before that the vineyard belonged to the same family for the past 90 years and was already mentioned in the 1864 Issue of “Le Guide Feret : Bordeaux et ses vinsEunder the name of Chateau de Granges.

However it has to be mentioned that the vineyard was engaged with a “CooperativeEfrom 1946 to 1989.
After the acquisition in 1986, the new owners, Nadine et Yves Picant made during 3 years different trials of vinification to finally decide to build a brand new winery ans start to produce their own wine in 1990.

The winery is totally equipped with stainless steel thermo-controlled vats and a micro-oxygenation equipment for a total capacity of 3600 hectoliters with an additional cellar of 700 barrels.

In 2007, in order to improve quality of its wines, the Hostens-Picant Castle undertook a program of new plantations and complantations to pass from 3.200 to 6.000 feet ha.

The vineyards are producing 2 different types of wines
under 2 different labels which are:

For CHATEAU HOSTENS-PICANT which is our first quality wine, we are using the Appellation “Sainte-Foy BordeauxE
This Appellation has existed since 1929, but few people were using it until recently.
We were pioneering for a new launching and now the number of Winemakers implicated is growing year after year.

our second wine is also using Appellation “Sainte-Foy BordeauxE

Cuvée d’Exception Lvcvllvs is the best wine Château Hostens-Picant is producing. The
complete processing of elaboration of Lvcvllvs is made with a great deal of attention,including:
The vineyard and the grapes varieties:
As usual we devote the best to the vineyard in a way to get the best quality of grapes. We
prune very short cane to obtain an average yield of 28 to 30 HL/HA. We only bring organics and no chemicals.

In springtime, we removed the second bud. Later and at the right time the plants have a part
of their leaves thined out. In August we processed a green harvest.
For this Cuvée, we made a selection of very old plants of our best parcels. The varieties of
grapes used for this type of wine is as follows:
Merlot (90%) - Cabernet Franc (10%). Average yield: 28 HL/HA.

The Harvest:
The harvest is made by hand and followed by a selective sorting.
The vinification:
The harvest will be stored in thermo-regulated wooden vats of 65 hl, offering the best
possibilities for extraction with Epigeage E Those vats are all equiped with microoxygenation
system. Bleedings are made if necessary. The alcoholic fermentation is made in
the vats mentioned above. However, malo-lactic fermentation is made in brand new oak
casks (100%), each grape variety separatly, followed by an aging of 18 months.
At the end of this period of aging, the final blend will be made. Before bottling, the wine will
have a light fining with egg white, but not be filtred.

E : The robe is deep red quasi black reflexions.
N : The nose epitonizes of anexceptional vintage, with flavors of wild blackberry, plum, ink
but after snifting also floral hints such as peony.
M : From the start, the wine shows a mouth of impressionable power but also a precise
tannic frame which combines a long finish and minerality.
This vintage with a twenty years ageing potential, can be drunk now but has to be put in a
decanter about 2 hours in advance.

Recommanded with:
Despites its youth this wine is already very attractive and could be drunk on tasty rare meats
(Spring lamb) and semi-dry cheese. It will be definitly a very nice choice to go with a
gastronomic cooking.

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Reviewer:July 13, 2010 - Chateau Hostens-Picant

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