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Jones Blanc (#1937)

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Katie jones Domaine jones
Region:Languedoc City:Paziols
Price:N/A (EUR) Minimum:N/A
Organic:Yes Certified:Yes
Free Range:No Additives:No

Domestic:N/A International:N/A
In Stock:No Delivery Time:N/A
Size:N/A Weight:N/A kgs


Please contact me in case you are interested in Jones Wines.


Katie Jones,

Owner of petite vineyard with one foot in Roussillon and the other in Languedoc making wine and living like a local

Ever fancied packing it all in and doing something completely different? Well, in 2009 and after 16 years I gave up my sales and marketing job at the wine Cooperative in Tuchan, bought a tiny vineyard and a couple of vats, and barrels and with a very big coup de main from my vigneron boyfriend gave up the office job and set up Domaine Jones. Domaine Jones is a tiny vineyard nestling below Queribus Castle in the south of France. I fell in love with this vineyard (big coup de coeur) when I visited it for the first time back in 2007. The 80 year old vines,the black slate soils and the out of this world view overlooking the Maury valley, all under the watchful eye of the Queribus castle - this vineyard was to be Domaine Jones. Dreams become reality and I bought the vineyard in 2008 and this year is my first harvest. For 16 years I had often wondered why I had come to live down here in the back of beyond leaving behind family and friends in the UK and living in a village of 500 french farmers. I now know. So with very big helping hands from my friends la debutante is all ears and keen to learn from the professionals.

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Reviewer:July 5, 2010 - Katie jones

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