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Be a vigneron - Adopt a Vine (#1927)

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Gisborne Peak Winery .
Region:Victoria City:Gisborne
Price:N/A (EUR) Minimum:N/A
Organic:Yes Certified:Yes
Free Range:No Additives:No

Domestic:N/A International:N/A
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You can now adopt a grapevine at Gisborne Peak Winery and receive lots of special privileges, discounts and opportunities for involvement. The program is fun, yet educational too. Our Adoptive Parents are invited to 'Hands-on' Days in the vineyard so they can learn more about the 'vine-to-wine' process. A very generous 25% discount on wines purchased is good for the three years of the adoption. And there are special days of Adoptive Parents at the vineyard too.
You decide the level of commitment you want to make. After all, parenting a vine is serious stuff!

Choose your level of involvement
Adopt-a-Vine® for a 3-year period and choose your level of involvement. You can prune your vine in winter (with a lesson from the vineyard manager, of course) and pick the grapes from your vine at vintage. The vine is tagged with a personalised hang-tag bearing the name of the owner and date of adoption. Adoptive owners will receive an Adoption Certificate stating the variety of vine and date of adoption, a 'My Vine: Adopt-a-Vine®' newsletter and a vineyard map showing the exact location of the vine. There is an option to receive a bottle of wine produced from the grapes where your Adopt-a-Vine® is located. Additional offers will be made to Adopt-a-Vine® parents at a special discount.

Visit your vine – talk to your vine!
You have visiting rights as an Adopt-a-Vine® Parent. Great for picture opportunities. Image a picture of you pruning your vine or picking grapes from your vine or just having a chat with your Adopt-a-Vine®. Adoptive owners will be updated twice a year on the seasonal progress of their Adopt-a-Vine® with a picture.
Perfect for gift-giving
It is the ideal gift for the person who has everything, as a unique corporate gift, as a quirky birthday or Christmas gift or as a memorial for a loved one.

Hands-On Days in the Vineyard
Throughout the year Adoptive Parents are invited to get involved in the vineyard experience. Learn more about the ‘vine-to-wine’ process through Hands-On Days. January is canopy management and crop estimation; April/May is vintage when you can pick your grapes and be part of our annual vintage; July is pruning day – learn all the skills of pruning; and October is Spring preparation day – water, soil, chemicals. Experience a day in a vineyard!

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Sparkling - Red - N/A (EUR)
Sparkling Pinot Noir 2005

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Reviewer:June 30, 2010 - Gisborne Peak Winery

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