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AG Forty-Seven, (#1894)

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Juan Pablo Lupianez Argento Wine Company
Region:Mendoza City:Chacras de Coria
Price:N/A (EUR) Minimum:N/A
Organic:Yes Certified:Yes
Free Range:No Additives:No

Domestic:N/A International:N/A
In Stock:Yes Delivery Time:N/A
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Silver (n.) – argentum (Latin); a shiny metallic element used for making coins, jewellery, tableware, etc Symbol: Ag; atomic number: 47

AG Forty-Seven, our newest addition to the Argento Wine Company portfolio, embodies the unique spirit and passion of Argentina with its silver thread of tradition and modern-day innovation. Grounded in its heritage and enriched by its people, AG Forty-Seven is the quintessential expression of today's Argentina.

The AG Forty-Seven range is sourced from the Central (Maipú) and Eastern regions of Mendoza which allows us to create fresh, intense wines of fruit purity and finesse.

At Argento, our team works hard to find the best balance between terroir, canopy management, and grape variety. We ensure that we make the most of Mendoza's natural conditions. We nurture our vines so they grow to be healthy and the grapes achieve perfect ripeness. We harvest at the exact moment when the balance between sugar, acids and polyphenols is right.

In the winery, our grapes are pressed with the greatest care and fermented at controlled temperature to extract all the fantastic fruit characters. We protect the must from oxidation at all times to keep our wines as fresh as possible.

And our winery is obsessively clean to avoid contamination and preserve antioxidants and other benefits found in high altitude grapes.

Finally we select only the best French and American oak barrels to age our wines and develop those vanilla, tobacco and chocolate flavours that we all cherish in our wines.

We strive to make fruit driven, easy-drinking, Mendozan wines. Wines that have complexity, but are not difficult. Wines to enjoy here and now.

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Reviewer:June 16, 2010 - Juan Pablo Lupianez

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Reviewer:June 16, 2010 - Juan Pablo Lupianez

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