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Vacaza Deluxe

The style of an authentic Malbec Ros (#1889)

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Alta Vista Wines
Region:Lujn de Cuyo Mendoza City:Alzaga
Price:N/A (EUR) Minimum:N/A
Organic:Yes Certified:Yes
Free Range:No Additives:No

Domestic:N/A International:N/A
In Stock:Yes Delivery Time:N/A
Size:N/A Weight:N/A kgs


Composition : 100% Malbec.

Harvest : Hand-picked in 17-kg. boxes to avoid crushing of the grapes during transportation.

Pressing : 50% of must is obtained by direct pressing of grape bunches. The other 50% is obtained by separating grapes from the stems and placing them under cold maceration at 7C (44F) for 72 hours. Afterwards, the must is separated by draining, and the stems are pressed to obtain the rest of the must.

Vinification : At low temperatures, between 12C (53F) and 18C (64F), in stainless steel tanks. In the spring season, clarification and stabilization of the wine is performed, filtering it and placing it in bottles.

Characteristics : An impressive wine to the sight, due to its marked reddish hues. In the nose, it has a medium to high intensity, with prevailing fruity aromas such as ripe cherries and sour cherries. It also shows and floral notes such as red roses. In the mouth, it has a persistent flavor and is markedly balanced, with remembrances of recently picked grapes.

Tasting Temperature : Between 8C (46F) and 10C (50F).

Wine Storage Time : 2 years.

Bodega Alta Vista

A Choice Winery with a Strong Human Approach

The grapes are cared for and followed-up not only in the vineyards, but also in the winery. In Alta Vista, we know this is a key factor; which is why we were pioneers in using a selection table to obtain products of excellent quality even during the unproductive years. Both our state-of-the-art technology and tools we created ad hoc are used in the elaboration processes according to the needs of our technical team.
Today, Bodega Alta Vista produces an annual 1.7 million bottles of the highest-quality wine.

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