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Domaine Oratoire Saint Martin (#1855)

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François Alary Domaine Oratoire Saint Martin
Region:Rhône City:Cairanne
Price:N/A (EUR) Minimum:N/A
Organic:Yes Certified:Yes
Free Range:No Additives:No

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The vineyard represents 25 hectares only in the village of Cairanne .

The high percentage of old vine grapes (over 40 years), including some which are over a hundred years old represents the power of the estate.

As to red wines, the vineyard is mostly composed of black grenache (about 60%), but also of mourvèdre (the favorite grape of the estate 30%) of syrah (7%) and of old grape varieties such as aubun, vaccarese or muscardin.

For white wines, they are mostly composed of marsanne (50%), roussanne (30%), clairette blanche (15%) and grenache blanc (5%).

Our production consists of 80% of red wine, 18% of white wine and 2% of rosé.

Wild Yeasts - Hand Harvesting - Low Yields – Non or Minimal Filtration

The two brothers act like gourmets before the harvest. They taste, chomp, chew the seeds day after day and sometimes several times a day. That is where everything begins, where everything is settled and their ideal is as simple as ABC: "a wine to drink over and over again", a subtle wine, with fruit hints, harmonious and vigorous at the same time and which would ideally gather rugby men and ballet dancers, sweet dreamers and loudmouths, curious amateurs and picky aficionados.

In other words, a pacification wine but above all a wine that is just like them: "deeply rooted, in the limestone and the yellow and blue clays of our terroir and open to the world at the same time."

This is what they claim out loud and why they are ready to make every sacrifices and endeavors. They want to improve with all humility and to come a little closer to their dreams and they know perfectly well that one lifetime is not enough.

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