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Meursault 1er cru (#1676)

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Christophe Pauchard Domaine de la confrérie
Region:Bourgogne City:Cirey
Price:N/A (EUR) Minimum:N/A
Organic:Yes Certified:Yes
Free Range:No Additives:No

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GRAPE VARIETY : 100 % Chardonnay

Aromatic strength and exceptional balance. Gold-green, canary yellow colour. Young wine with aromas of almond and roasted chestnut to the fore. A fine balance is struck between smoothness and freshness, expressing the full range of silken splendour. The wine is long and structured and will need time to mature. A great white wine, very much a vin de garde.
Serving temperature : 10 to 13°

The estate is situated in the charming little village of Cirey, just outside Nolay in the heart of the Hautes-Côtes de Beaune.
The property has developed gradually over the years and today we cultivate an area of 10 hectares.
The Domaine de la Confrérie was established in 1991 (one of our parcelles or plots is called La Confrérie).
Prior to this date, the estate focused on the “Hautes-Côtes de BeauneEappellation, but since then it has expanded to include Meursault, Meursault premier cru (white wines) and Volnay Santenots premier cru (reds).
We use the traditional “low vineEmethod for our vineyards (10,000 vines per hectare) and work regularly throughout the year to control yields and thus obtain grapes of the highest possible quality.

The grapes are always harvested manually so as to ensure that they arrive unblemished at the storehouse and at the same time to preserve the traditional convivial atmosphere of the wine harvest.
Thanks to our recently constructed wine storehouse (1997), we are able to able to lavish care on the precious “raw materialEand to produce our wines in the best possible conditions.
We follow the traditional winemaking process which calls for great care and attention, as each operation must be carried out at exactly the right time.
During the maturing phase, a close and regular watch is kept on the wines which, after about a year, are bottled on the property: a single cuvée per appellation and per year is bottled. Although our storehouse is superbly insulated, the bottles continue to be laid sideways in our vaulted cellars where ideal storage conditions are maintained throughout the year.

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