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Savigny les Beaune - Moutier Amet (#1668)

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Jean-Michel Maurice Domaine du Prieuré
Region:Bourgogne City:SAVIGNY LES BEAUNE
Price:N/A (EUR) Minimum:N/A
Organic:Yes Certified:Yes
Free Range:No Additives:No

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This parcel is located behind our wine storehouse, the road separates it from the "premiers crus". The Moutier Amets produce wines with an attractive red, almost ruby, colour. The nose is most often engaging in which hints of flowers combine with soft red fruits and touches of vanilla. The palate recaptures these graceful aromas which are both elegant and persistant, carried by a pleasant freshness. The structure is present and well integrated. These are delicate and elegant wines with much charm. Special mention for the 2002 vintage in the Hachette Wine Guide 2006.

GRAPE VARIETIES : Pinot noir (100%)

At the heart of the Côte de Beaune, on the slopes of the Vallée du Rhoin, the vineyards of Savigny les Beaune have long enjoyed a justly deserved reputation. On these clayey-calcareous soils, the pinot noir variety of grape is at the origin of the Savigny les Beaune red wines with their distinguished smoothness, whereas some marly pockets of land are idealy suited to the white varieties of grape.

The clergy, who were at the origin of the rennaisance of the Burgundy vineyards following the decadence which marked the end of the Gallo-Roman epoch, took an early interest in the vineyards of Savigny les Beaune. The first signs of their involvement can be traced back to 947, and in the 18th century they founded a Priory at Savigny les Beaune.

Of course, Jean-Michel MAURICE certainly did not inherit the totality of the vineyards that had belonged to the monks of Citeaux. The family domaine was founded at the Priory about fifty years ago with 4 hectares of land.

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Reviewer:June 2, 2010 - Jean-Michel Maurice

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