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Chablis Vieilles Vignes 2006 (#1584)

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Alexandre Château Daniel-Etienne Defaix
Region:Chablis City:Rully
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Soil : Kimmeridgien Marl.
Exposition : South, south-east and South west
Grape variety : Chardonnay
Vinification and growing:
-best of wine at pressuring
- Alcoholic fermentation with natural yeast at 18°C for 3 weeks.
- Malolactic fermentation achieved.
- Stirring of fine lees each month for 12 months.

Tasting :
The richness almost insolent of this Chablis makes an ideal wine for aperitif, an excellent companion of
the fish pâtés, oysters, plates of seafood.
This Chablis can flirt with a roasted andouillette or snails of Burgundy with Chablis and butter persillade.

Daniel-Etienne Defaix owns one of the most ancient estate in Chablis (height centuries for the Vieux Château). Already his ancestors in the Château de Faix in the Avallonais, cultivated vines at the 16th and 17th centuries. One thousand year ago, the monks of Pontigny selected great soils and created the Chablis appellation. Etienne Paul Dujer de la Croix Defaix continued at the 18th century this winemaker tradition on Chablis. Daniel-Etienne DEFAIX perpetuates this secular and familial tradition on the monastic appellations.
26 hectares of Chardonnay on a typical soil: The « kimméridgien » (Jurassique supérieur, a marne argilo-calcaire with a lot of oysters fossilised inside).

The privileged exposition of the monks of Pontigny was hill with high slope taking the first sunshine. A great benefit for Chablis, scared by the freezes of the spring by reaching a lose 80 % of the harvest. We still cultivate these exceptional areas and the work in the vines is still traditional because we are convicted that a clean and healthy vineyard will give a good quality of grape and so of wines.
At the Vieux Château, we produce in the pure respect of the Tradition and on the most ancient appellations the following crus:
- 2 cuvées Chablis : Vieilles et Tres Vieilles Vignes.
- 3 Chablis Premier Cru : Les Lys, Vaillon & Côte de Léchet.
- 2 Chablis Grand Cru : Blanchot & Grenouilles.
The Vinification at Château Daniel-Etienne Defaix

Our Style is special and needs a lot of secrets and attentions:
- Harvest at good maturity and eliminating by sorting all green grapes or eventual dry rotten.
- Slow pressuring of 3 hours and separation the cuvées and keeping only the « Tetes de Cuvées ».
- 18 hours or static raking of the best, natural and carefully.
- 3 weeks of alcoholic fermentation in natural environment (natural yeast) at low temperature (18°C) to preserve the natural glycerol form the grape and this floral aspect.
- Malolactic fermentation is systematic in order to avoid all risks of fermentation in bottle.
The Unique Style at Château Daniel-Etienne Defaix

The bâtonnage on fine lies inside the wine is made all month during 18 months, without Sulphite, uniquely with the carbonic gas kept from the malolactic fermentation.
This autodestruction of the lies, named « autolyse », enriches the wine with good aromas from the original soil.
Its gives to the wine bigger amplitude by ageing, tertiary aromas and fresh fruits. But also a perfect structure for keeping with the “grasEand increasing its aromatic persistence and its potential of rétro-olfaction... Filtration and fining are not systematic (We don’t remove the things we are waiting forE and the bottling is made under nitrogen.
The wines are kept between 6 or 12 months in our chai of vinification before selling. At this point, The Chablis is 2 years old and the Premiers crus are between 4 to 6 years old.

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Reviewer:May 30, 2010 - Alexandre

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