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Sydney Back Brandy NV (#1538)

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Backsberg Estate Cellars
Region:Paarl City:Paarl
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Rich, golden hue. Delightful nose of rose, honey, honeysuckle, dried peach, apricot and range of nuts. Distinct sweet tobacco hints with tea and cinnamon. Smooth in the mouth, warming sensation, long genteel finish.

In 1990 an amendment to the Wine of Origin legislation meant that, in addition to Estate Wines, estates could produce Estate Brandy. Backsberg jumped at this opportunity, and in 1991 produced our first premium brandy to complement our range of fine wines. The first batch of Sydney Back Brandy was released as a four-year old in 1995, and this first attempt won Backsberg the Domecq Trophy for 'Best Brandy in the World' at the London International Wine and Spirits Competition. We've held back some of this award winning brandy in barrels, which we release slowly over five year intervals – ensuring we'll be able to keep going for another hundred years!

Our 5hl copper pot still is proudly on display in our Tasting Room – awakened every now and again to produce the fine Brandy for which Backsberg is so well known. Fully automated and computer controlled, the pot still was imported from the most respected pot still manufacturer in Cognac.

The story of Backsberg's brandy tradition stretches far further back however – before the days of computer automation, all the way to the turn of the last century. In 1902 C.L. Back arrived in South Africa as a penniless political and religious refugee from Lithuania. After working his way through a string of labourious jobs, he purchased the farm Klein Babylonstoren in 1916. This farm would be his family's home for generations to come, as well as the production site of award-winning wines and Brandy. In 1951 the farm was taken over by C. L. Back's son, Sydney, who had a passion for fine Brandy.

The Chenin Blanc grapes which go into making Sydney Back Brandy grow on the higher slopes of the Simonsberg Mountains. This area is unique in terms of geographical and climatic environment, boasting cool temperatures and high rainfall. Backsberg has a very special terroir, with its much sought after combination of soil, climate, altitude and aspect – providing the ideal environment for growing quality grapes. Only the Chenin Blanc grapes harvested at a low sugar and high acid level are used to provide the wine for pot distillation, imparting a full grape flavour. The wine for distillation is then prepared in exactly the same way as the wines of Cognac.

Sydney Back Brandy has evolved from the combination of 80 years of wine making at Backsberg, and the distillation and maturation skills of Robert Leaute – a leading French Cognac consultant. The result has often been described as 'beautifully balanced', with a delicacy that comes from the carefully fermented wine specially produced for pot distillation. It is aged in Limousin Oak, selected to soften the spirit and compliment its flavours.
Backsberg currently produces three brandy vintages – Sydney Back NV, 10 year-old and 15 year-old – all of which have earned themselves worldwide acclaim, bringing in awards and fame for the estate. More recently the Sydney Back Brandy NV took home a gold at the International Wine and Spirits Challenge 2008, while the Sydney Back Brandy 10 year-old was awarded the Best Brandy Trophy at the 2006 Michelangelo International Wine Awards.

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