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Vacaza Deluxe

Chenin Blanc - Sauvignon Blanc (#1526)

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Camille Bauguil Castel de Brames
Region:Western Cape City:Peyrole
Price:N/A (EUR) Minimum:6
Organic:Yes Certified:No
Free Range:No Additives:No

Domestic:N/A International:N/A
In Stock:Yes Delivery Time:N/A
Size:N/A Weight:N/A kgs


Winemaker’s comments:

A classic blend showing fine integration of fruit and wood flavours. Big but refined and good potential for further bottle maturation. This wine shows harmony, structure and finesse.

1996 heralded a new era for the region of Darling with the establishment of the private cellar: Darling Cellars. With the unique terroir and recent demarcation of the Darling district, the focus has been on wines which are region and varietal true. About 20 shareholders produce grapes from a total of ±1500ha, averaging 5 tons/ha.

The cool and temperate West Coast climate lends itself to a variety of different micro- and mesoclimates which, along with the different soil types, lead to unique grapes which we guide into even more unique wines. Having 99% of all vineyards dry land and roughly the same percentage bush vine (i.e. not trellised), this is as close to what nature intended for grapes to be as one can get. This all culminates into wines which are true to the terroir from which they come and are true to the identity which we have crafted over time for our wines. Investment continues in the winery and cellar with some of the most modern and up to date winemaking equipment in our industry today. A state of the art bottling line, new presses, a barrel maturation cellar, replanting of vineyards to include noble cultivars all contribute to our advances in contemporary winemaking.

Onyx, our premium range comes from specific vineyards which are selected for their uniqueness in prominent terroir flavours. These vineyards are planted in the best terroir for the specific varietal. Vineyards are carefully monitored by the winemaker who ultimately decides when the grapes will be harvested. These grapes are handled separately in the cellar to preserve their
natural quality and uniqueness. After harvest, the grapes are evaluated both before vinification and after fermentation. Continuous evaluation of the barrels also takes place to ultimately only bottle the best. The final product is again judged to fit our philosophy on Onyx – Exceptional quality which is terroir and varietal specific. Certain pieces of land are also looked at for future plantings of vineyards, destined for Onyx. Onyx thus is a dedicated concept from site selection, through to the final drop in the glass at the end of a bottle. The majority of vineyards are situated very close to the Atlantic Ocean, about 5 to 15 kilometres from the coast.

DC (Darling Cellars), is the core of what Darling Cellars is about. Varietal wines, which are terroir specific, more fruity and accessible and a value for money offering which can’t be beat. These are wines to be enjoyed around a table with friends, but with enough complexity to suit any dinner table or fine dining event. The grapes for this range come from vineyards in the Darling Hills and surrounding foothills. A selection of grapes which displays a bouquet of some key characteristics of the unique terroir, is varietal true, fruit driven and over delivers with every sip. Wood ageing is used judiciously on the red wine range, giving subtle complexity to support the soft tannins and rich fruit prevalent in the wines.

Flamingo Bay - A fun and easy drinking, quaffing wine range for all those occasions where you want to entertain and have a brilliant time. Light a fire, invite a few friends, open a couple of bottles of wine and you’re set to have a wonderful evening. Grapes selected for their fruit and ripeness make this a range which fulfils the need for an uncomplicated, easily accessible wine fit for a student and professor alike. Fresh, vibrant, clean and fruity!

Values, Ideas and Look & Feel: Creating an identity stretches further than just a brand and logo. It encompasses a certain look and feel about the cellar, the wine, label and bottle, the attitude of the people and the presentation of all these factors. An integrated strategy is thus followed from grapes to wine.

Passion is essential for this whole concept to work and is a trait to be found in all involved at Darling Cellars. The idea behind the wines is a quality-price ratio which is unequalled in the South African trade, an offering which speaks of class and complexity and one of sincere enjoyment. This all is sought, while staying true to the unique terroir of the West Coast, Darling district and varietal characteristics.

Cellar Master Abé Beukes summarises it well with: “What nature gives us each year; we try and get into the bottle with passion and honour...”

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Reviewer:May 29, 2010 - Deligogo

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