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Winery Anphora
Godoy Cruz, , Argentina
Red - Malbec

· Winery: Anphora · Make Wine: Trazos de Autor · Strain: Malbec · Year Development: 2006 · Harvest : 2006 · Nota de Cata : Aromas que saben a ciruelas negras, azahares, va...

Famiglia Meschini
Maipu, Mendoza, Argentina
Red - 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon Gran Reserva

140 cases produced Food pairing: Beef Bourguignon, stew, Stroganoff, teriyaki, Beef Wellington and/or with tomato or red wine sauce, beef kebabs, barbecued beef, grilled steak,...

Sergio Grinberg - Conalbi Grinberg Casa Vinicola
mendoze, , Argentina
Red - Boutique winery pioneer in Argentina

In February 2001 CONALBI GRINBERG CASA VINICOLA introduced the wines that have been developing since 1997. Since then, the winery continues to develop premium wines, which have rap...


New Food & Beverages

Bodega Norton .
Perdriel, , Argentina

Grape variety Malbec 2002 - 60% Merlot 2005 - 22% Petit Verdot 2006 - 18% Appellation Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza, Argentina - Finca Perdriel (Malbec) - Finca A...

Juan Pablo Lupianez Argento Wine Company
Chacras de Coria, , Argentina
White - AG Forty-Seven,

Silver (n.) – argentum (Latin); a shiny metallic element used for making coins, jewellery, tableware, etc Symbol: Ag; atomic number: 47 AG Forty-Seven, our newest addition to th...

Antonio González S.A. - Vinos GALAN
Alto Verde, , Argentina

Variety. 100% Malbec from our vineyards in Ugarteche, Agrelo, Luján de Cuyo. Production. Extensive fermentation and maceration in stainless steel. Tasting Notes. From a very ...


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