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Annalisa Pompeo
Cooking - Cooking Class in a Renowed Winery

If you are a wine enthusiast or the world of wine intrigues you, if you like the idea of cooking Sicilian in the midst of vineyards and oak barrels, breathing in air perfumed with ...

Annalisa Pompeo
Cooking - Cooking Class in the Country Side

If you love being outdoors in contact with nature and animals and want to experience the rural farm life of long ago, a life of simple customs and authentic flavors, rediscovering ...

Natalia Nesterova
Cooking - Le Marche - The Gem Of Italy (11 days tour)

Full journey to stimulate the five senses, enraptured by the scents, landscapes and natural beauty, by the most important art and excellent culinary delights. High peaks, villages ...


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