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Profile: Wine maker Gabriel Suberviola - Segura Viudas - Spain's artisan cava

Gabriel Suberviola
Winemaker Segura Viudas, Spain

Gabriel Suberviola oversees winemaking for the Segura Viudas winery in Spain, owned by the Ferrer family of Freixenet. Like many winemakers in Spain, Gabriel, born in 1952, was raised in a family sustained and enriched by the Spanish wine industry.

In the charming farm region of Navarra, Gabriel's youth was spent amongst the vineyards, replete with the activities one associates with rustic family winemaking. His early experiences with the vine were by his father's side, farming the grapes that, once harvested, he and other neighborhood children would stomp barefoot each year. These experiences were defining for Gabriel who sought to continue his wine education, first earning a degree in Chemical Sciences from Valencia University, followed by certification in Oenology and Viticulture at the School of Agronomist Engineers of Madrid.

Gabriel joined the Freixenet Group in 1980, starting as laboratory director at Segura Viudas. Later, he became technical director for Castellblanch Cavas (also part of the Freixenet Group) in 1981, where he remained until 1998. That year, Gabriel returned to Segura Viudas as Head Winemaker.

Acknowledging the evolution of his winemaking philosophy over the years he has worked with the Freixenet Group, Gabriel greatly emphasizes the importance of terroir in cultivating indigenous varietals. Gabriel's philosophy is tempered with the keen awareness that the path to achieving great wines is rooted, literally, in the vines, and admits that he learns new lessons each harvest that improve his viticultural techniques.

Gabriel serves as a member of the National Association of Winemakers in Spain and the International Association of Winemakers. In his free time, he enjoys reading historical biographies while tucked into the lush landscape of the Penedès.
Penedes, Spain
e-mail : info(at)

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