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Bordeaux En Primeurs: Chateau Gruaud Larose holds a Clinic with Leading International Wine Experts

Guillaume Jourdan,
Brand awareness and improve brand image by building customized strategies for wine estates

Right before the Bordeaux En Primeurs Tasting Week, Château Gruaud Larose will hold its annual clinic in one of the most peaceful place in the world: Gruaud Larose’s cellars. Every year, the clinics provide owners of Gruaud Larose wines, the opportunity to have their wines assessed by Philippe Carmagnac, Gruaud Larose's winemaker.

In 2010, Jean Merlaut, the owner of Château Gruaud Larose, will take this opportunity to focus more specifically on vintages ending in ‘0’ from 1950 down to 1840. Traditionally at Château Gruaud Larose, some wine experts are associated to this important event.

This year, Château Gruaud Larose will be honoured to include the following persons in its clinic committee:
  • Jeannie Cho Lee, First Asian MW
  • Current World’s best Sommelier
  • Wine critics/collaborates with Robert Parker
  • Wine journalist/collaborates with Stephen Tanzer
  • Eric Boissenot, Oenologist Consultant

    “This annual clinic is a great moment for Château Gruaud Larose” said Jean Merlaut.
    “Every year, we write additional tasting comments in our historical books which reveal precious informations about each vintage at harvest time. Going back to 1840 is necessary because we have an increasing demand for the last 3 years, more specifically from Asia, to give recent tasting comments on very old vintages from Gruaud Larose.”

    These bottles or magnums will be opened, tasted, judged and, if in good condition, will be topped up, recorked, recapsuled, a clinic back label will be affixed to certify the wine for quality and finally will be sold internationally to wine lovers.

    Thanks to this annual operation, only bottles in excellent condition are available for Gruaud Larose's customers.

    To learn more about Guillaume please visit .

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